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Lesson 1:  The Science of Canning        Lesson 5:  The World of Relishes

Lesson 2:  The Essential Equipment    Lesson 6:  Pickles

Lesson 3:  Jams that set                            Lesson 7:  Salsas

Lesson 4:  Jellies that set                          Lesson 8:  Sauces & Soups

Welcome to Tiger Gardens Canning Academy!

 In 8 easy lessons, I will demystify canning by giving you a solid foundation of the very safe canning process. I will then take you through *at your pace* the creation of each of the products we make for the Farmer's Market: jams & jellies, relishes, pickles, salsas, sauces, & soups. Every lesson contains step-by-step ad-free video instructions, illustrating the recipes from start-to-finish, so you can preserve your fresh bounty, either home-grown or from the Farmer's Market.

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