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2/27/22: Sunday in the Garden: Canning Hot Pepper Jelly!

Happy last Sunday of February, 2022! This is the ceremonial Kick-Winter-to-the-Curb- Sunday. Yes, it will still get cold, yes, it will snow some more maybe, and even perhaps frost as late as Mother's Day reminiscent of 2019 in Champaign, IL. But March implies two of my favorite words: Green and Spring! That means I should be outside, but things are actually melting very quickly, and it's wet. So, I'm taking the time to can jelly and jam! The Farmer's Market is coming up in a few months, and we want to be stocked with inventory. The best thing we've found to do is to thaw out freezers, and we've discovered a lot of fruit and peppers for jams and jellies!

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