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4/16/23: Ode to the Grow Light

Updated: May 26, 2023

This Sunday in the Garden episode is dedicated to the Grow Light. I have seen some AMAZING results in just the past week alone. So excited to share with you how its done. The trick is getting your seedlings under the light as soon as they're an inch tall, and really not much taller. If they're taller, it's just going to take more work to get them under control. (Please forgive the no makeup photography. This post was like some of my papers in the MBA program: deadline in an hour, start writing and push through to post on time! My goal is to post every week, at least.)

They started like this. I think this is one day after putting them under the grow light:

Great success with the tomato seedlings!

The seedlings below are in 4 rows: the outer rows have 3-8 seedlings each and desperately need to be thinned. The inner 2 rows have been thinned and just need to be outside to harden off.

The outer rows have been thinned 5/24/23. The youngin' in the first row is trying to show off: "Here I stand in the spotlight enunciating to the back row!!"

The two inner rows have been taken outside to harden off:

Also great success with the peppers!

Quiz: Which cabbage seed was started earlier, 1. or 2.?

Answer: they were both started on the same day -- February 19th, 2023. But I got #2 under the growlight as SOON as it was 1" tall and watered the plant every 2-3 days religiously. Quite a difference!

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