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6/19/22: Juneteenth Sunday in the Garden. We're having SEX!!

Sexing squash is a necessary process if you want to see more fruits on your gorgeous squash plants. Here's how:

I'm a bit disappointed, I have to admit. I thought I was witnessing some miracle of nature and possibly creating the next National Geographic phenomenal video of a bee polinating a squash plant. And then the bee flew off! Covered in pollen. Couldn't believe it. Where was he going? Was it me? Oh lordy, if I interrupted nature, I'm really sorry!

Anyway, here's how to help your plants along when the bee flies off -- how rude!

1) Get a Q-tip or a small paintbrush, and get up early! Squash flowers open up early, like 6am early, and you'll need to do your thang before they close up shop.

2) Identify male flowers and female flowers because not all plants have both, and some have more than one!

3) Take the Q-tip or the paintbrush and rub it on the male stamen to capture as much yellow dust as you can.

4) Take the pollinated Q-tip or brush to the female flower and "paint her." Rub the Q-tip all over her "fingers."

The Spaghetti squash above has nice, open flowers!

Yellow squash!

Our gorgeous Butternut squash! No open flowers to pollinate, but doesn't it look gorgeous! I've trained them to vine in the right direction, because they'll go the length of our plots at Tiger Gardens North -- 40'!

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