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8/20/23: Thank You!

Our cup runneth over and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you! Thank you for your overwhelming support every week at the Urbana Market at the Square! And thank you especially for becoming part of our email community!

Again, we are just overwhelmed with gratitude and wanted to let you know what we're going to do with our State Fair winnings. And that answer is ... share them with YOU!

You know, this is an excellent opportunity to share with you Our Mission Statement: We here at Tiger Gardens want just two things: We want everyone to grow their own food and preserve it. That's all. Just that. Grow your own and preserve it.

Why? Because that's the only thing that will get the grocery stores to locally source produce, and that is the only way to get fresh produce that tastes good. And if it tastes good, it's better for you.


Mic drop.

We have to force the grocery stores to sell locally-grown food. Because -- and it's not their fault -- the trend is -- not really the trend -- it's the national practice -- to get food from big farms because it's cheaper for the consumer.

Well. It's cheaper for the consumer because we're buying and selling in bulk. Makes sense to get the best price. But for our food it means cutting corners. And getting food from big farms who can offer a better price. But those big farms are often far away. So to get their produce to last over long distances, they have to preserve them with chemicals. Pick them early so they'll ripen during travel. And store them for long durations.

That doesn't need to happen if all the grocery store just bought their food from local farmers. But yes, it's slightly more expensive. But infinitely better in taste and therefore nutritional value.

And that's our mission: to provide fresher food for you that will be preserved over the long term so you can enjoy it for months to come. I mean, come to the market this Saturday and get the freshest Zucchini Relish you've ever had!

Anyway. I'll add to this post. But for the time being, we wanted to say Thank You! We're so glad you're part of our community.

We'll always be here for you and hope to meet you. Say "hi!" when you're at the Farmer's Market!

~Sue and Tim Tiger <3

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