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Blanching Tomatoes. Sunday in the Garden 8/23/20!

There are two ways to get the skins off tomatoes that is not only easy, but ends up being super tasty! You can either roast your tomatoes in the oven until the skins split, or you can blanch them. It's actually healthier to cook the tomatoes than to eat them raw. I roast them for sauces like pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce, and I blanch them for salsas. Blanching only takes 60 seconds in boiling water. Have a bowl of ice water standing by, core your tomatoes and then carve an "X" in the bottom of the tomato. Place your cored and exed tomato in boiling water for 60 seconds, and you'll see the skins split and start to peel off. After 60 seconds, get your tomatoes into the ice water to cool off. When they're cool, just peel the skins off -- super easy! I use the skins in compost, and then dice the tomatoes for salsa. The tomatoes will have a great texture and will remain chunky as you heat up the salsa to add spices. When you're done stirring, you'll have a nice rich, chunky salsa that's both tasty and super healthy for you! This video explains the process:

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