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Hidden Trea$ure$: 7/14/22

What a great find! From a plant that I didn't plant comes a perfect cucumber I can use for pickles right now. I am amazed at the riches a garden provides from the unintentional -- the surprise fruits from last year's plantings, or even years ago.

This whole plant was discovered in May of this year when I was composting in the back yard. You see, we have this very intense row of 6 compost bins in order of next use and break-down status. Bin #1 is the most broken-down, and therefore, ready-to-use. Outside of Bin #3 is a flower pot with last-year's compost. I never really got to clean out the yard, so this pot was neglected, to say the least, but it's near the compost bins, so I knew it would get attention eventually. In May, I noticed a small seedling ...

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So cool 😊

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