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Pickle Madness!

Updated: May 4, 2023

I still don't give a hoot about who is playing in the Elite 8 ... so this weekend is about planting more seeds. Let's do a Pickle garden: cucumbers and fresh dill. Here's how to start that all from seeds!

  1. 3/25/23: First, get a seed-starting tray. I got a 16-pellet Jiffy seed-starting greenhouse. The pellets are larger, about 1 1/2". They start flat and completely dry, so this video shows how to add water to wake them up and make them grow to a 1 1/2" tall cylinder of wet dirt into which you should put 2-3 seeds each. Normally, I would practically put seeds into pellets with tweezers, but for this video, I don't count them out so carefully, so there are probably many more seeds in each pellet than necessary, but they're going to be thinned eventually to just one plant per pellet, until each grows enough to be transplanted to a larger pot inside.

  2. Add water to grow the pellets.

  3. Add 2-3 seeds to each pellet.

  4. Cover with Jiffy lid, keep out of direct sunlight for 7-21 days until seeds germinate.

  5. 4/4/23: Split apart multiple seedlings that sprouted in 10 days! Repot into larger peat pots, cover with more dirt and water. Place under grow light asap!

Here are steps #1 - #4 in video: 3/25/23

Step #5: Split multiple seedlings apart and re-plant in 3" peat pots: 4/4/23

Step #6: Get under grow light asap!

Here's how it starts this year: Cucumber and Dill seeds planted 3/25/23:

4/4/23: I cannot believe these 7 plants sprouted in 10 days! The look healthy, so I hope they transplant well. In their original pellets, I fear they would get leggy. Now, for the grow light!

4/9/23: SO tall!

(Not to brag, but ... ) Here's how it worked out last year: July, 2022:

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