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Starting seeds 2024! It only takes one minute (fingers crossed, lol!) -- posted 3/15/24

Hey there!

We are starting seeds for our gardens and hopefully inspiring you to do the same!

I apologize for not communicating in awhile, but I promise, there is lots more to come in 2024! The Market is starting soon, I am teaching classes all over town, and we have a new website in development to launch in days.

I realized recently that we speak to two different, wonderful groups: those that visit us at the Farmer's Market, and those who may be interested in making their own wonderful creations. Both deserve dedicated websites, and they are in the works!

One thing has become crystal clear in the last 72 hours or so: our main focus is and always will be the Farmer's Market. If you have ever heard of or seen Linda's Salsa at County Market and/or Harvest Market, well, we have a chance to buy it -- or certain aspects of it, anyway. And while those thoughts are still in place, I have realized that our brand -- the Tiger Gardens brand -- is first and foremost @ the Farmer's Market. Buying a salsa company sounds really cool, but in reality, it means diluting what we love -- and that is making our wonderful creations @ Casa Tiger. I say, if you want Tiger Gardens goodies, you have to come to the Market, amirite???

This weekend, I am working on our first online course on How to Make Strawberry Jam. We got $60 or huge, delicious strawberries @ Old Orchard's Bowling Alley last week, and that course will be the first online course on the new Tiger Gardens website. Details to follow.

My sad, cute doggie face is to ask a favor. The best way you can help us right now is to go to our YouTube channel and engage with the videos. The bottom 2 and the rest of my channel! Any engagement you can provide with YouTube, and our website is appreciated!

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