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Sunday in the Garden 2/20/22: Fixing leggy seedlings: Update 2/27/22!

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

I probably planted too early. Groundhog Day has a certain metaphorical quality to it, but I'm not sure why I picked 2/2/x as Seed Planting Day (for cold-tolerant veggies), but we'll see how it works. Historically, I get overwhelmed as soon as I plant the Money Crops late March -- maters, peppers, cukes, zukes, etc. And the stresses of taking care of new sprouts in addition to these guys usually translates into leggy plants getting leggier.

However, my Intention this year is to not let anything go bad. And it would be really cool if I could nurture these leggy seedlings to be sturdy enough to plant outdoors and then harvest from them in May/June -- wow! So we'll see. And I'm trying to not let the circle light show in my glasses, which is why I'm a bit stiff in this production. Still figuring out the technology. ;)

Update 2/27/22:

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