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Sunday in the Garden 5/7/23

What a great first weekend at the Farmer's Market! Wore me out, but we managed to get a few key gardening things done, as well as requisite canning. The bottom line is ...

I NEED MORE ENERGY! Look at my eyes. These eyes are tired. And that's the lesson for this week. Gardening is physical. Canning is physical. And selling at the Farmer's Market is REALLY physical. And ours goes longer than other markets -- from 7am - noon! Every Saturday from May - October, rain or shine. Sheesh! So I will be implementing some serious physical tactics to try to boost my energy levels by next Saturday, because yesterday took it out of me!

And here I am at the Farmer's Market. Tim is taking the picture :)

Meredith, Courtney, Kate, and Sue!

Tomatoes I got from Fruitful Vines in Sullivan, IL (at the market):

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