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Sunday in the Kitchen 7/9/23: Getting ready for the Fairs!

We are so excited at Casa Tiger, getting our entries ready for the 2023 Champaign County Fair, and also the Illinois State Fair! The Champaign entries are due 7/22/23, and the State Fair entries are due 8/15/23.

Our first entry is Strawberry Jam! This post will be in two parts -- the first part will just show how to make the jam and I reveal The Secret Technique we use to make sure the jam sets! The second part will show how to water-bath can the finished jars. I.e., the jars have to be processed to enter.

Strawberry Jam recipe:

4 c. finely-chopped strawberries

4 tbsp bottled lemon juice

7 c. sugar

1 pouch liquid pectin

1. Make the jam using The Secret Technique: video above

2. Ladel jam into jars leaving the proper amount of headspace: 1/2"

3. Wipe jars and rims clean with a wet towel so the glass jar is not left sticky.

4. Label jam with a sharpie

5. Water-bath can your jars of jam: video below (coming soon)

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