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Sunday in the Kitchen at TG 11/12/23

Greetings from Casa Tiger! We've been busy processing the last of our produce from the Farmer's Market vendors -- tomatoes from Fruitful Vines and cucumbers from the So. IL vendor -- lots of sauces, salsas, soups, and pickles! I made a short video about our adventures with ketchup the other night. Don't let the abundance of tomato paste and light corn syrup throw you, it was necessary to get the consistency we wanted with ketchup. I used a Mrs. Wages recipe, and as written, it was too runny, so I had to thicken it up. (Be sure to set your YouTube player to view HD videos, it will look crisper!

And Sue just found the Absolute Best Origin Story Ever! Here is the story behind our new Sweet & Saucy Streisand BarbraQ Sauce from the one and only Stephen Colbert:

TTYS, and with love from The Tigers,

Sue & Tim Tiger

Tiger Gardens

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