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Sunflower Jelly! 10/15/23

Our new fascination is with Sunflowers! Tim made Sunflower Jelly for the market this past Saturday, and it was a hit! We sold out.

But Tim is making more ...

Sunflower Jelly is lemony and pairs nicely with hot tea and honey. Or on a nice morning biscuit with honey and Sunflower Jelly and hot tea on the side. Yummy! This will be a perfect jelly in February when there is snow on the ground and no sun in sight. Suddenly Summer!

Sunflower Jelly is made much like Dandelion Jelly in that the petals of the flower are soaked in boiling water overnight and then drained to make 4 cups of juice. The main difference is sunflower petals pull off the flower without having to bend over to pick them! Dandelion picking is back-breaking work, especially for someone over 50.

But ... I would only buy them at the Farmer's Market, because then, I can talk to the vendor to make sure they're not sprayed. In our case, we get our Sunflowers from Courtney & Travis who's stand is right next to ours! And we know they don't spray. So because there are only 2 weeks left in the Farmer's Market, there are only 2 weeks left for Sunflower Jelly. If we have any left over after the market ends, it will be on our website.

So we hope to see you this Saturday! I will post an update to this blog later this week about what we'll have at the market. Until then ...

Coincidently, this story was on CBS Sunday Morning:

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