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Tiger Gardens in the Kitchen 11/5/23

THANK YOU!!! For every word that follows, it must begin with our unending thanks for a wonderful 2023 Farmer's Market at the Urbana Market at the Square!

Hello Friend,​

Our first weekend of sleeping in after the Farmer's Market was WONDERFUL, truth be told. We both took numerous naps throughout the weekend -- a truly long-overdue lazy weekend for Sue & Tim. Although, we also canned quite a bit!​There will be SO much to share with you over the winter break.

A few FAQs, in case you're wondering: Will we be at the indoor market? No, not this winter. Logistically, it is a nightmare for us, and we want to concentrate on our online offerings. So, look for our website to be updated shortly. Will we be aggressively emailing you to buy your stuff online every week? No! Our online business is going to take a turn towards online courses. It is true that we have a definite need to increase our online income, but please know that it is a focus aimed towards online canning courses.

So if you are a customer of ours from the Farmer's Market and you never want to make your own canning products, you can happily delete these emails. Delete, delete, delete!​

FULL DISCLOSURE: Sue is taking an online course directly related to making online digital courses, so yes, she will be marketing online courses to our email list, as courses get developed, but if that's not your jam (pun intended, lol) just delete away.

We are trying to build an email list through YouTube videos, and for right now, it is not separated into "Farmer's Market customers and online canning course customers" but will be in the future.

One of the things we would like to see from you is interaction! If there is something you want us to make, especially if you can help us source the ingredients, please make the suggestion! E.g., earlier this week, we were gifted a TON of apples from a longtime colleague, so we're making Apple Butter, Apple Jelly, and Apple pies! If you have something like that to share, please do! If you have an idea for us, please share. And if you just miss us and want to connect, please share!​I am also going to share videos of our wonderful vendors at the Farmer's Market.

One of our favorites, as you may know, is Fruitful Vines in Sullivan Illinois. Sue visited their facilities after the last market last week, and brought back 9 flats of tomatoes! They also were completely generous in sharing a video walk-through of their facility a week ago. The GREAT NEWS is that Sue gets to go out in January, when they're planting their seeds for the 2024 season, AND Sue gets to go out again mid-February, when they transplant the seedlings to the hydroponic greenhouse. To see healthy seedlings in a greenhouse in February is something Sue is looking forward to, to say the least!

The other thing is ... and Sue is going to make a BIG deal of this in the future ... we now have a thing about tomatoes (not) grown in the United States. There will be research, and articles, but for now, you need to know that this vendor is even more important to us as we have salsa, etc. MADE IN THE USA. More on this to come ...

In any case, just know that we have these nine flats of tomatoes that we're processing. We also have cucumbers from Southern Illinois, and Apples from Sue's friend. This weekend, in-between naps, we made Tomato Soup, Mild and Medium Salsas, Dill Pickles, Hot Spicy Pickles, and Apple Butter. So ... lots going on at Casa Tiger. You can contact us at any time to order, but just know that we're not Amazon. It may take a few days to get back to you. It's just the two of us here trying to do all of this online stuff, and frankly, it's overwhelming. But we'll figure it out. :)

Love, Sue & Tim Tiger

Tiger Gardens

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