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New this year, Order Online and pick up at the Farmer's Market in Urbana!

Tiger Gardens is our home garden from which we make 37+ different canned goods. Each jar has the date it was canned, which means it is good for 18 months at least unopened. Opened, it's good as long as any other jarred product from the store would be. Except ... ours has no chemicals, no preservatives, and is made with lots of love! Most of our recipes are family-tested recipes. And we love to get recipes from our customers! We use only natural ingredients, mostly vegetables from our garden and a few spices. The shelf life comes from pressure canning, not from preservatives. Our food is much better for you than store-bought, and much tastier! 


More About Tiger Gardens

Tim and Sue Tiger have been gardening their whole lives. Tim started at a young age helping his mother and grandmother pick vegetables from their home garden. Then, he would help cook their creations for the family dinners. Sue's grandfather was a farming banker from Nebraska who brought the family to Pekin, IL in the 50's. Sue started her garden in southwest Champaign in 2006. Tim moved in a few years later and has replaced everything with healthy raised beds. Tim and Sue married in 2016 and have loved canning from their garden ever since. "We started selling our canned goods in 2019 at the Urbana Farmer's Market and love it! We have a dozen varieties of salsas, a dozen varieties of pickles, a dozen varieties of jellies, a few soups, and a few sauces. We eat everything we can over the winter, we just have tons of left-overs. Enough to share and sell at the Farmer's Market!"

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